The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play. – James T. Kirk, Shore Leave

This website has already several “children”, and some more might maybe emerge in the future…


Books and more related to this website at


With books that reproduce web pages and articles of this website as printed books, as well as as free PDF ebooks, plus in the future hopefully books that would bring specific subjects to a wider range of readers in accessible form, and then maybe also 3D prints, posters, videos, etc.

Space Time Elements

Maybe sometime in the future I would write a book about the elements, covering history, and even prehistory, to the present, plus my findings,



Rumor has it that Jack Daw (yes, the legendary Jack Daw) would be writing a new book that would include some key ideas from this website in his inimitable style.

meta leads

  • Since the turn of the millenium, many beautiful findings have been made and published at But nobody knows about them, or almost nobody.

    There would be so many interesting and useful things to discover here for so many people. I am still hoping for people to just come, see, and fall in love with some things here and then carry them on; that would be so best for these things.
  • I am toying with the idea of a website or section with title easy exactphilosophy. Something more accessible than this site so far, something where I can add things here and there and relate to each other. Maybe
  • As of December 2022, I have no clue what to do next, now that I am apparently done with finding out the major things, since early 2021. Promotion or even marketing is simply not my thing, for all that it appears. Nor even to write things down in more detail than necessary to be accessible to someone who really shows interest in understanding nature.

    So Sleeping Beauty Dreaming emerged as a theme in summer 2021 … do nothing, just lay back and hope for either some inspiration for something to do that I would really love to do to somehow magically emerge in time, or else maybe for some folks to turn up who would grasp some of it and pass it on, evolve it, let it grow.

    Honestly, in my view, the descriptions in the sections here are beautifully to the point. Twenty years of work have gone into them and they describe things naturally in simple, direct terms. Someone just has to read it.
  • In ancient Greece, there was apparently a saying that the beginning is half of the complete thing. Hence if “promotion” of the new findings would only “start late”, that would probably not be a bad sign, although I am still dreaming of just leaning back and watching things grow…
  • The fox icon of this site is inspired by the first answer by the I Ching to a question by me (“What about Prague?”), and it gave hexagram 64: “Before Completion. Success. But if the little fox, after nearly completing the crossing, gets his tail in the water, there is nothing that would further.”
  • Most likely ‘Elemental’ would have the best chance to make it, focussed on the most important new idea, like the main content on this site, and hopefully streamlined in Hollywood-style for the masses. Would be a dream…
  • And best for this site to rest a while, as beautiful as it is…