Books and more related to this website at


With books that reproduce web pages and articles of this website as printed books, as well as as free PDF ebooks, plus in the future hopefully books that would bring specific subjects to a wider range of readers in accessible form, and then maybe also 3D prints, posters, videos, etc.


Some leisurely envisaged potential future publications…

    Books with the core web pages and all english articles of this site; to appear every 4 years from 2021. In time maybe also German editions or even editions in further languages.
  • Space Time Elements

    Pocket book with an introduction to the core ideas around elements of this site, with the core web pages in the appendix. English and German editions from the start.
  • Möbius Strip of Elements

    3D prints of my arrangement of elements and trigrams of the I Ching on a Möbius strip, maybe both in an opaque/bright and a grid/dark variant, plus animated video with explantions.