I will tentatively assume here that the psyche would do what it does (think, feel, etc.) essentially only along the circle of elements. For example, observing something happening outside (emo) can lead to inner insights into the workings of the world (eri), so the psyche would have operated along the circle of elements, emo → eri. Natural sciences would, for example, be a lot about this part of the cycle, relating essentially experiment (emo) and theory (eri).

In the previous model of transformations in the zodiac, signs of all elements would (except for the desired element) transform from outside to inside, which would in a way be where one would expect the psyche - inside.

transition desire
ero → emo → eri emi
emo → eri → emi ero
ero → emi → eri emo
emo → ero → emi eri

So all transformations would be about learning in the broadest sense, end up inside, but with hopes also for outside, maybe even often as offspring, new life.

And the psyche would be closely related to e5.

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