At the link below, I hope to gently evolve a book that would lead the core ideas of this website into the mainstream:


Titled maybe Elemental or Elements in Space and Time, in a dual sense, as briefly described just below.

The book would first describe how "elements" were viewed in the past up to the present (time), and in different cultures including ancient Greece and China (space), as well as present some philosophical concepts that will later be used, like Plato's cave parable and Kant and Schopenhauer's takes on immediate perception of the world, and also Apuleius' four tasks of Psyche. Then it would gradually introduce the idea to define elements in term of in/out (space) and rest/move (time) and their transformations (fifth element), and apply it generally to nature, to past views and to gradually more utopian or speculative scenarios for the future. In other words, roughly the same as the core content of this website, but in way more detail, in a different order, and with a more streamlined focus on "elements" and my core new findings around them.

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